Evan Faller, Director of Operations, Furniture Wizard SoftwareEvan Faller, Director of Operations
The very thought of creating a comfortable personal space is always an exciting one. Furniture retailers often play a huge role in making this a reality. When customers walk into a store, they also enter a world of imagination where they try to design their perfect room with the available furniture. This whole process weighs heavily on if they are going to buy a product, and so it is crucial to not disrupt but rather catalyze it. Unfortunately, sales associates often have to multitask when assisting customers, leading to situations where customers might be left unattended while the representatives fetch catalogs or check product availability. This break in the flow can affect the customer’s experience and may even result in a missed sale opportunity. Amid today’s technological advancements, consumers expect a fastpaced service and experience, and this is currently one of the main focal points where the furniture industry has to reform itself by embracing digital transformation.

In a market with such complications, an innovative iPad application in the form of iFurniture comes to the rescue. Developed by Furniture Wizard Software, iFurniture is one of the few inventive solutions with great potential to impact the market.

Furniture Wizard Software is an innovative company that offers multiple cutting-edge solutions that can benefit furniture retailers in many ways. Driven by their mission to be customer-centric, Furniture Wizard’s expert solutions assist retailers in their everyday operations. At the same time, the company takes pride in being one of the first POS providers to launch an iPad-specific application to aid sales associates. The iFurniture app helps sales associates work faster and be more efficient, enabling them to better manage multiple customers. With iFurniture, it is now easier for the associates to check inventory availability and create invoices without leaving the customer’s side. This will help maintain smooth and strong communication with customers and facilitate seamless transactions.

Apart from iFurniture, the company offers efficient sales and inventory management software. This solution can expertly perform inventory tracking, invoice generation, price tag printing, barcoding, and reporting. With a simple yet powerful user interface, Furniture Wizard makes it easy for end-users to gather and read the listing information.

Driven by their mission to be customer-centric, Furniture Wizard’s expert solutions assist retailers in their everyday operations

Features like mini scanners, customized labels, superior security, and purchase order routing and delivery have been saving furniture retailers from inaccurate and inefficient business processes while enhancing their day-to-day operations.

Moreover, the software is capable of integrating with accounting software like QuickBooks and kiosk applications like Wondersign, in addition to credit-card processors and furniture manufacturers. Such product functionalities, along with their unique deployment options, make them stand out in the competition. Furniture Wizard Software is perfect for single as well as multi-store environments with the optional benefit of being cloud-hosted.

Taking it a step further, Furniture Wizard is laser-focused on being a customer-driven solution provider, and so the company believes in making special connections in each of its client engagements. Once approached by a retailer, the company thoroughly researches and understands the client’s policies and practices. This ensures that their implementations aptly meet the client’s needs. Every Furniture Wizard solution is created with the complicated business model of the furniture industry in mind. By launching userfriendly and efficient software, the company aspires to assist every level of employees, from sales and warehouse management to product delivery.

Moving forward, Furniture Wizard plans to offer an improved version of the iFurniture app which will allow retailers to expand access to information while more efficiently serving customers. Moreover, the barcoding feature will be further enhanced to better cater to clients’ needs. Furniture Wizard is also keen on launching other applications that can provide customers more insights into inventory data which can help them deliver better outcomes.